Our beers

We aim to serve the best beers available, mainly from local brewers in the south east, but sometimes from further afield. On this page you will find beers we are currently serving, upcoming beers and beers we’ve enjoyed*.

We’re sure some of your favourites are here.

Currently being served:

Upcoming beers

Beers we have served

Here’s a list of some of the beers we have served recently at the Tankerton Arms.

Click here for a comprehensive list of all our beers. (A list of all the beers we have listed on our web site.)

* Disclaimer

Have you visited the Tankerton and not got the beer you expected?

Whilst we make every effort to keep this page up to date, there may be times when these lists are a little behind the times. Sometimes our beers sell out very quickly and a beer listed here could be consumed in the time it’s taken you to reach Tankerton, after visiting this page.

We’re sorry if this has happened to you and hope you were satisfied with one of the other splendid ales we serve.

If you have any comments on anything about the Tankerton Arms, please get in touch with us using our contact form.